iPhone Game: Draw Slasher (free at limited time)

Draw Slasher

Draw Slasher is a fun game where you as a ninja sent to kill Pirate Monkey Zombies. Just slide a line across your enemy that you will cut them into two pieces. The Draw Slasher is now available for free download (limited time). Download now before it gets back to $1.99. Video after the jump. Continue reading “iPhone Game: Draw Slasher (free at limited time)”

Way of A Samurai 3

Way of A Samurai 3

Agetec and UFO Interactive Games has announced The Way of Samurai 3 for the iPhone and it is available for free download.

Unsheathe your sword and journey through the various locales scattered through the lands of Amana during Japan’s tumultuous Sengoku period. Put your samurai skill to the skill to the ultiumate test as you battle powerful opponents, deflect lethal projectiles and overcome your adversaries with your razor-sharp katana.

The real game in the phone is not as cool as the trailer – far different. Video after the jump. Continue reading “Way of A Samurai 3”

Shuriken USB Drive

Shuriken USB Drive

There are many different types of shapes USB drives nowadays and today, we have the Shuriken shaped USB drive. That’s for Ninja to steal some data. It is shaped like a real shuriken and comes with 2GB of storage. You can get it for ¥10,500. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Shuriken USB Drive”

Name Generators On Facebook

Name Generators - What Is Your Japanese Ninja Smurf Vampire Redneck Superhero Mafia French Hobbit Name

Facebook users, do you want to know what is your japanese name? Then you should give this free cool facebook apps from quizopolis a try, hold on! you can also have your own ninja name, smurf name, vampire name, redneck name, superhero name, mafia name, french name and even hobbit name. Jorymon now has japanese name: Shuichi Aburakoji, cool huh? For the apps link Continue reading “Name Generators On Facebook”