The Longest Way 1.0 By Christoph Rehage

One Year Walk Time Lapse By Christoph Rehage

A one year walk time lapse video of Christoph Rehage who travel from Beijing to Ürümqi from November 9th 2007 – November 13th 2008, One year on foot – 4646km through China. Video after the jump. Continue reading “The Longest Way 1.0 By Christoph Rehage”

buBbLe by Studio MMASA

buBbLe by Studio MMASA

Photographer: Santos-Díez

buBbLe is an independent, nomadic, flexible dwelling mechanism that allows its occupants to give an answer to different time situations. buBble comprises a basic kit for up to two days’ stays, and various kit accessories that will complement the needs of long stays.

buBbLe is a project by Studio MMASA (Patricia Muñiz + Luciano G. Alfaya) and the architect-artist Cipriano Chas. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “buBbLe by Studio MMASA”