World’s Largest Pizza

World's Largest Pizza

Johannesburg, South Africa – A supermarket has baked the world’s largest pizza measuring 121-feet in diameter. The pizza includes 9900-pounds of flour, 19800-pounds of tomato puree, 3690-pounds of cheese, and 19800-pounds of chopped onions.

In preparation for the Soccer World Cup – a pizza that would feed an entire stadium of fans.

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Pizza Hut Outdoor Ad: Bike Clock

Pizza Hut: Bike Clock

BBDO Guerrero, Manila had came out this creative outdoor ad for Philippine Pizza Inc. They called it Pizza Hut Bike Clock, a visible digital clock attached at the back of their bikes counting down the delivery time. hmm.. i wonder if they can adjust the timer when they stuck in traffic jam, because if they run out of time the pizza is for free. Continue reading “Pizza Hut Outdoor Ad: Bike Clock”