USB Alien

The USB Alien

It is not a storage drive nor hub, but a USB toy next to your computer. It has a glowing LED at the inside and it will glow when its inner mouth pop out. Don’t get freak out, it pops out at anytime, randomly. The USB Alien with Illuminated Tongue is available for pre-order now at ¥ 6,450. Watch it inner mouth after the jump. Continue reading “USB Alien”

Coffin Couch by VonErickson

Coffin Couch

Velvet covered thick foam cushion and classic metal spring construction seat, folds up to a fully shut position and available in purple, red or black fabric. Now tell me who the hell in going to get this Coffin Couch for the living room. In case you are the one, $3500 for one. It is done by VonErickson. Continue reading “Coffin Couch by VonErickson”

Monster Helmet for Biker

Monster Helmet

Wow!! that is going to scares off the driver beside. This monster helmet is DOT approved, means it is safe to use on road. It is available at $99. It is better not to use, I’m afraid people will smack you and shout monster!!! More pictures after the jump.
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Mighty Titan The Most Scary Lovely Dog

Yankees Man is proud owner of The Mighty Titan, a 3 1/2 year old Bordeaux Mastiff (Breed of Turner & Hooch fame). He’s such a docile dog according to his owner, Pictures below show how he expresses himself when he’s playing with his balls.

Don’t forget to check out Titan’s online store at cafepress, at this store site you can find all unique Mighty Titan’s gifts from Shirts, Hat & Caps, Mugs to Thong and more. For more pictures Continue reading “Mighty Titan The Most Scary Lovely Dog”

Cobra Inside Toilet Bowl

An e-mail from friend, attached with scary pics like this :), not sure they are fake or not, anyways how the hell in the world that cobra? get stucked inside toilet bowl!! So for all monsters (jorymon reader :)) by now just do checks around any toilet bowls, mostly public toilet bowl before you sit on it :). See more pictures Continue reading “Cobra Inside Toilet Bowl”