Hydrogen Scorpion by Ronn Motors

Scorpion by Ronn Motors

Scorpion by Ronn Motors has a system that is completely safe and uses water from your garden hose to create hydrogen on demand. This 450hp Hydrogen Scorpion gets 40MPG.

The hydrogen is mixed with 91-octane gasoline to improve the fuel economy and reduce the emissions of the car’s 3.5-liter internal combustion engine.

Though it save fuels but you have to spend $150,000 for this car. Is that a great deal?
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Mouse with Spider / Scorpion

Spider Mouse

Thanko Japan has released a type of mouse that most of your girlfriends will not like it, instead saying it cute, she screamed ARH!!!!!!! (+ sharp voice). The mouse comes either with spider or scorpion inside. It’s available in Japan for ¥1480, that’s will be $17. Are they preserved or real shit? Continue reading “Mouse with Spider / Scorpion”