How to make hearing spy device with megaphone

Spy Megaphone

In this Kipkay tutorial, they are going to show you how to make a Spy Megaphone. To make this project, you will need a megaphone, “1/8” audio jack, pair of headphones/earbuds, some wire and standard tools — soldering iron, snips, etc. Now watch the video, after the jump. Continue reading “How to make hearing spy device with megaphone”

Prism 200 Lets You See Through Wall

Prism 200 is a handheld through-wall radar designed by a UK company called Cambridge Consultants, which has been designed to be used by police, special forces or the emergency services. its claimed can see through walls. It works using ultrawide-band radar. It can only see objects that are moving, but that includes the movement from breathing or even a beating heart.

[via gizmodo]