iPhone Game: Touch Carrom – Striker Edition (Free at Limited Time)

Touch Carrom

Touch Carrom is bringing the carrom board game to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Touch based game controls give the players very realistic game play. The passion and skills transfer very well to the iPhone experience.

Carrom is a board game played on a smooth wooden square board with pockets at each corner. The goal is to collect your color of the carrom-men (wooden coin like pieces) by pocketing them with a Striker hit. One carrom-man equals one point, queen (red carrom-man) equals three points. Queen’s three points are counted only if that player also wins the board. A match is won from best of three games. A game is won by getting twenty five points or best of eight boards, whichever comes first.

Available for free at limited time. Normally priced at $1.99. Download after the jump Continue reading “iPhone Game: Touch Carrom – Striker Edition (Free at Limited Time)”