iPhone Game: GOAAAL! (Free for Limited Time)

iPhone App: GOAAAL! (Free for Limited Time)k

YEah!!!! It’s football fever, everyone is crazying over the World Cup. Now here’s a game allow you to have some kick while waiting for the match in front of your TV. Normal price at $0.99 and now it is available for free for limited time.

In GOAAAL!, you’ll use all your kicking skills to score as many shots as you can from the penalty spot against a progressively more difficult goalie opponent. As you get better at kicking, the goalie reacts faster and protects the goal more aggressively.

To kick, “flick” the ball with your finger. Fling from the side of the ball to add spin to it. Hold your finger on the ball for a second to reposition it prior to kicking, then lift your finger to return to kick mode.

In Arcade Shootout Mode, you get 10 shots to get as many goals and points as you can. In Progressive Shootout Mode, you’ll start with just 10 chances to score. With every target hit and badge earned, you’ll earn another penalty kick. Catch “on fire” by scoring on 5 shots in a row. As your skill level increases you will be rewarded with badges and bonus points. Whether you call it soccer or football, GOAAL! will quickly become your favorite kicking game!

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World Cup Soccer Player USB drives

World Cup Soccer Player USB drives

Are you a football fan? If you collect football related things don’t forget this one, the World Cup Soccer Player USB drives. It is available in one of five countries: Italy, Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands, Croatia. But the storage size is a little disappointing, it has 1GB only and each sold at $30. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “World Cup Soccer Player USB drives”