Seskimo Crabble for iPhone

Seskimo Crabble

The Seskimo Crabble will hold the iPhone for you when you are watching the movie with it. Then you will have free hands for your popcorns. Watch in portrait or landscape, this stand can be folded flat and keep to wallet like a credit card. The silicone rubber on the holder gives extra stability in place like plane or train. The Seskimo Crabble is available at $5. Video demo and more pictures…

Seskimo Crabble

Seskimo Crabble

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Wear Ring When Bowling”

  1. Katherine

    It’s unlikely these images are from a bowling incident for the fact that to hold a bowling ball proberly you only put your fingers in up to the second knuckle, not over it.

    And maybe it’s just the lanes I bowl at, but the holes in the balls are nowhere near deep enough to fit the finger of a grown man in them even if he wanted to.

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