i.Saw the World’s First USB-powered Chainsaw


The i.saw is the world’s first USB-powered chainsaw. It is available for pre-order now, it will be out in September.

“Instant plug ‘n’ play. Zero startup time. Patent-pending technology allows for an unparalleled distribution of power. A first in its class. Works on PC, Mac and most USB-enabled devices.”

It will be priced at $59.95. More pictures after the jump.





[via Ohgizmo]

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One thought on “Tattoo Meter”

  1. Nic

    Whilst that’s a great idea. It’s a fake / photoshop.
    As a tattoo writer and enthusiast for many years now, I can spot it a mile off. Notice how the ink doesn’t wrinkle or warp with the skin *at all*?

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