Manoi Robot goes hip-hop doing headspin

Manoi Robot goes hip-hop doing headspin

The Manoi humanoid robot is going to do some breakdance. A robot doing break dance? Are you serious? Yes, he’s doing the headspin and I think he did better than human. Video after the jump.

[via Botjunkie]

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3 thoughts on “Cool Ford Focus Modification”

  1. benbert m. beniero

    hi, im Ben, from Philippines, i would just like to inquire if you where i could by the same front bumper and hood and rear bumper that you hav coz im still planning to buy a ford focus, thank you so very much…..

  2. Xya

    where did you get your mods for your ford from??
    Im trying to find some side skirts& a different front end for my car but i cant seem to find anything

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