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Sudoku Magic By MagicSolver

Sudoku Magic By MagicSolver

MagicSolver is a new start-up company built by 3 Cambridge University students, Emmanuel, Leon & Oliver (the CUE iSolve team).

Sudoku Magic is an new iPhone app that takes photos of Sudoku puzzles and solves them for you! You can also play the puzzles you capture, or save them in your Puzzle Library for later. It even generates ullimited puzzles on your iPhone, so you never run out of Sudoku! Video demo after the jump Continue reading »

iSnort iPhone App – Lets You Simulate Snorting Legally

iSnort iPhone App - Lets You Simulate Snorting Legally by  Peter Magic Johnston & Steven Henry

The application creates a real life simulation of three columns of cocaine, all ready to be sniffed up. This is absolutely legal!.

This is a demonstration of a simulated Apple iPhone / iTouch Application invented by Directed and Produced by Irish (Belfast-based) Filmmaker / Action Artist Peter ‘Magic’ Johnston. Animation and a Co-Directing credit goes to Steven Henry. Watch The iSnort Demo Continue reading »

HTC Magic, Dont Just Live… Thrive

Vodafone and HTC launched a new Android set named the Magic. Its the first touchscreen-only Android phone: HTC’s Magic. its a HVGA like the G1 before it and come with a 3.2-inch QVGA screen front and center (that resolution might be a typo, HVGA seems more likely), HDSPA, GPS, 3.2 megapixel camera (no flash), and a G1-style trackball. For more details and pictures Continue reading »