Western Spaghetti by PES

Briliant work by PES showing you how they cook Western Spaghetti in a very unique way and it’s a stop motion video. Watch the video

[via Since1948.cn]

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3 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago Ford 021c Concept Car”

  1. Ford ranger

    I love this car.The 021c Concept has been the subject of much chatter around the Web. The general consensus is that had the concept car been unveiled in 2009 rather than 1999.its story may have ended differently.This car designed to appeal to the younger generation.i wish i could get a car like that

  2. Rodrick Liddell

    Hi. I wished to decrease you a fast phrase to express my thanks. Ive been after your blog for a few months or so and possess captured a ton of great information and loved the proceedure youve structured your site. I am making an attempt to run my very own weblog however I sense its too common and I do give attention to a variety of smaller topics. Becoming everything to all folks is just not all that its cracked till be

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