iPhone OS 4.0

iPhone OS 4.0

Apple has officially announced the iPhone OS 4.0 which brings in over 100 features. The main feature will be the long awaited, multi-tasking. Yes, iPhone 4.0 will have multi task.

Other features include:

Folders – now you can group your apps into folder so you don’t have to swipe the pages to look for your apps.

Even Better Mail – See messages from all your email accounts displayed together in a unified inbox, switch between inboxes more quickly, organize messages by threads, and even open attachments in third-party apps

iBook – The best way to browse, buy, and read books on a mobile device. Easily flip through the pages of a book you’ve downloaded from the iBookstore while listening to your music collection. Browse tens of thousands of books — many of them free — by title, author, or genre. You can even check out reviews and read sample pages before you buy.

iAd – iAd is a breakthrough mobile advertising platform from Apple. With it, apps can feature rich media ads that combine the emotion of TV with the interactivity of the web. For developers, it means a new, easy-to-implement source of revenue. For advertisers, it creates a new media outlet that offers consumers highly targeted information.

Enterprise – iPhone OS 4 offers more useful features for businesses. With enhancements to security, scalability, and compatibility, IT managers have even more reasons to deploy iPhone throughout their enterprises.

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