How To Install OS X On A Dell Mini 9

Do you know you can take a Dell Mini 9 and install a perfectly working copy of Apple’s OS X on it ?(According to BoingBoing, several netbooks can support OS X to varying degrees, but the Dell Mini 9 has the best all-around support for an out-of-the-box install.) Here is the comparison chart).

Here’s what you’re going to need, paraphrased from the post:

• Dell Mini 9 With 16GB SSD or higher (8GB SSDs will technically work, but it will take some fiddling not covered by this guide)

• Retail copy of OS X 10.5.x (NOT an OEM copy that comes with a new Mac)

• A USB flash drive 8GB or higher

• An external USB DVD drive

• The “Type11” Bootloader: (download link in this forum post)

• Blank CD to burn bootloader image

• Windows PC for preparing the flash drive

Read the full article here for step by step how to install OS X on a Dell Mini 9.

[via Gizmodo]

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