The Great Pyramid PC Mod By Polo360x

The Great Pyramid PC Mod, made by modder polo360x from the Techpowerup forums. This cool pyramid PC case weighing in at 7.5 pounds (just for the case) this 25-inch high beast is not exactly compact, with a 19 x 19-inch base. Modder polo360x made it from a customized Luxor pyramid case. Only 200 of those cases in the world were built and all 200 cases were sold. For video and a lot more pictures

Here’s a list of the PC specifications.

CPU: Q6600 B3 OC @ 3.15 GHz (Max stable OC @ 3.4 GHz) – “water cooled”
RAM: G-Skills 4GB PC2-8000 OC @ 1066 MHz
GPU: 512 MB 8800GT Zotac AMP Editions (700 MHz Core/ 2000 Mhz Memory)
HDD: 500 GB Cavier WD 300 SATA
PSU: 500 Watts Rosewill
Cooling: Thermaltake Tide water plus w/ Swiftech apogee GT CPU block

1. Drilled and installed 2x 80mm fans on each side of the case for better air flow.
2. Installed Sound Sensitive Cathodes in the bottom of the case with sensitivity control knob at the back of the case.
3. The 3.5 pay at the top of the case has been modified to fit the 500GB WD hard drive instead of the designed place at the bottom of the case.
4. Water cooling (Tide Water Plus meant for cooling dual GPU has been modified to cool Intel Q6600 with the help of Swift Apogee GT water Block CPU socket 775). Non conductive Fluid-XP has been used as the coolant of choice for extra safety.
5. A display LED screen on top of the CD-Rom has been installed to add an interactive touch to the Pyramid PC Mod.

It certainly is a stunning looking PC case mod, visit Techpowerup forums for lots more photos and details of this amazing pc case mod.

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