Color Picker by Jinsun Park

Color Picker

Color Picker is a concept by a Korean Designer Jinsun Park. It is a useful tool for graphic designer to pick the color of the real object. Place the pen against the object and scan, the color will be setected by the sensor and its RGB cartridges will automatic mixed the required inks to create the selected color.

Color Picker

Color Picker

<br /> Color Picker

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  1. There’s a fairly fundamental flaw here. Red green and blue are the primary colours of light, not pigment. The ink cartridges would have to be Cyan Magenta and Yellow (and probably black as well). Every child knows that you mix yellow and blue paint together to get green. (Unless the pen works in a Pointillist fashion, but that would be really insane)

  2. hi.
    i amuse this will be like 100$ but when it comes to north America please give me one i will pay ship me one at 7012 flax st 22152 i will pre order one if you cant ship it right to me

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