7-inch Tablet Battery Life Comparison

' 7-inch Tablet Battery Life Comparison

Today there are many choices for tablet with 7-inch screen sizes include mini iPad, Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 7, and Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Each brand has its pros and cons. Well, how about the battery life time on the 7-inch tablet?

Because productivity through tablet is now increasingly widespread, With? recently conducted a test of battery life on a 7-inch tablet in the form of testing the use of browsing websites in the network connectivity through Wi-Fi.

The winner is iPad Mini 7-inch tablet with maximum use is 783 minutes. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 only can stand for 425 minutes long.

Candiru: The Vampire Fish

Candiru: The Vampire Fish

The amazing tale of a fish that lodges itself in the genitals of men and women in the Amazon river and Oranoco Rivers of South America. The Candiru fish, or Toothpick fish, is a natural parasite commonly found living inside Amazonian Catfish. Watch these short videos to learn how this small fish has become a horror story in its own right when introduced to humans! Continue reading “Candiru: The Vampire Fish”

World’s Most Expensive CD

The World’s most expensive CD goes on sale at the Takashimaya department store at Nihonbashi. The CD costs a whopping 10,000,000 yen (about 100,836 USD). its comes with a platinum case with 2 carats worth of embedded diamonds. The CD without the platinum case and diamonds can be found at Amazon for just a bit cheaper at 1,980 yen. Sankei reports that the publisher of the CD Universal Music is trying to get the CD into the Guinness Book Of Records.

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Amazon Launches Kindle Application For The iPhone and iPod Touch Users

Amazon has just launched a free Kindle application for iPhone. You can read any Kindle-compatible book you’ve purchased from Amazon’s catalog, read the first chapter of other books for free, adjust text size, bookmark pages, and view notations made on the Kindle. One of the big features here is WhisperSync, which automatically keeps track of where you left off in each book, allowing you to pick up from that spot from any Kindle-friendly devices you may have.

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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Unveils Kindle 2.0

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Unveils Kindle 2.0

Kindle 2.0 is sleeker, holds more memory and has a longer battery life. It’s also able to sync to old Kindles (and future Kindles) and can use your old data. The Kindle 2 costs $359 and will start shipping on Feb. 24. Here’s the press release and you can preorder here.

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