Pool Pro Online 3

Pool Pro Online 3

Looking for a pool game for the iPhone. Check out the Pool Pro Online 3.

Play online with your friends anywhere in the world with Pool Pro Online 3!

View online lobbies of available players then hustle your way online through 8 Ball, 9 Ball and Snooker games. Play head-to-head while chatting with opponents in real-time, or play offline in single-player Mode and pass-and-play Hot Seat Mode.

Enter the virtual pool hall with your friends across the world to win fame and in-game “scratch”. Put your money where your mouth is and challenge wannabee players wagering in-game cash. Customize your game by spending your winnings on table felts, cue sticks, and new pool halls! See how you rank against the elite pool sharks on the global leader board! Share your achievements with your friends with Facebook connect. Play for keeps world-wide with Pool Pro Online 3.

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T-Pain – Auto-Tune iPhone App

T-Pain - Auto-Tune iPhone App

Buy U a Drank – I Am T-Pain – Auto-Tune iPhone App is an iPhone app that lets you have your own voice sounds Auto-tuned. Launch the I Am T-Pain app and step into the shoes of the famous hip-hop singer, songwriter, and producer. Select your favorite track. And just sing into the Mic on your iPhone. I Am T-Pain will record your new song. Video demo after the jump. Continue reading “T-Pain – Auto-Tune iPhone App”

ZooABC For Kids

ZooABC For Kids

ZooABC teaching and development application for your kids. Useful and funny app that lets your kid get used to reading. Your kids will learn alphabet while playing.

There are letters on the screen, when you tap one of them, you’ll see this letter in large size and funny picture of an animal, whose name starts with this letter. If you tap the large letter, you’ll hear the pronounce of this letter, if you tap the animal, you’ll hear the pronounce of this animal’s name. You can sweep large letters without returning to the whole alphabet. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “ZooABC For Kids”

iPhone Useful App – The Payphone Finder

iPhone Useful App - The Payphone Finder

If you are in some place which is out of service and you need a make a very important call, this app will be useful for you, the Payphone Finder. Check out the spoof after the jump. Continue reading “iPhone Useful App – The Payphone Finder”