7-inch Tablet Battery Life Comparison

' 7-inch Tablet Battery Life Comparison

Today there are many choices for tablet with 7-inch screen sizes include mini iPad, Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 7, and Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Each brand has its pros and cons. Well, how about the battery life time on the 7-inch tablet?

Because productivity through tablet is now increasingly widespread, With? recently conducted a test of battery life on a 7-inch tablet in the form of testing the use of browsing websites in the network connectivity through Wi-Fi.

The winner is iPad Mini 7-inch tablet with maximum use is 783 minutes. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 only can stand for 425 minutes long.

Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs From the Set of jOBS

'Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs From the Set of jOBS

As reported, the life of late Steve Jobs would told in widescreen. And the actor chosen to act as Steve Jobs is Ashton Kutcher.

Long before the film will be made, Kuthcer’s name is mentioned as an appropriate actor played as Jobs, after Jobs died and the idea of the filming his figure appears, Kutcher immediately prioritized to fill the role.

The film titled jOBS is an adaptation of the Jobs life biography written by Walter Isaacson with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. It’s about the life of a young Jobs at the 70s, The movie will begin production in May of 2012 and will chronicle Steve Job’s life from childhood to creating Apple in his garage with the help of the Mr. Wozniak, the Woz.

In the photo, Kutcher as the young Jobs was sitting in his small office with an old school Macintosh PC and a poster ‘Think’ with rainbow font. More picture after the jump! Continue reading “Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs From the Set of jOBS”

The “Next” 2013 Apple’s Products

'The Next 2013 Apple's Products

Year 2012 will soon over and 2013 is coming soon. Apple is known as a trend setter, what’s going to be Apple’s next killer product?

Here are the expected products launched in the year 2013. Continue reading “The “Next” 2013 Apple’s Products”

The Batman Suits Timeline

'The Batman Suits Timeline

An archive of all Batman’s significant outfits from comics, movies, games from 1939-today. Created by Benjamin Andrew Moore for Screen Rant. More Pictures after the jump. Continue reading “The Batman Suits Timeline”

‘iPhone’ gas cooker seized in China

'iPhone' gas cooker seized in China

China is a haven for knockoff products. Chinese Police recently seized 681 “Apple iPhone” branded gas stoves in the city of Wuhan. The seized iPhone burners had forged certificate tag of the Apple (China) Co. Limited. However, Apple never produces cooker. The law enforcement officers discovered as many as 681 fake burners with brands including iPhone and other household names. More Pictures after the jump. Continue reading “‘iPhone’ gas cooker seized in China”