Suitcase Sticker

Suitcase Sticker

This is something cool you can stick onto your suitcase. This suitcase sticker is available in few shocking design – a stewardess kipnap, drugs, cash or sex toys. But I’m not sure if airport will stop you for this or not. Anyway, the sticker is available for $15 each. I like the kipnapping one, for your information :D. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Suitcase Sticker”

Anna Anjos

Colorful Artworks By Anna Anjos

Very unique and colorful artworks by Anna Anjos. She is an illustrator and a graphic designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her artworks also available for purchase in mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, Macbook, PC Laptop skins, posters, wallets, t-shirts and wall stickers. I like the Stars wall sticker. More artworks after the jump. Continue reading “Anna Anjos”

YouTube Addict Sticker By Ignacio Pilotto

Industrial designer Ignacio Pilotto has created these YouTube sticker decals that you can stick it to the bottom right-hand corner of your television screens. What an idea, eh? Are you addicted to Youtube? If your answers is yes, then you should have one. For more pictures Continue reading “YouTube Addict Sticker By Ignacio Pilotto”