Wine Vending Machine

Wine Vending Machine

The wine vending machines have hit the French supermarkets. Wine lovers can now fill up their containers with wine in the supermarket just like you did your petrol-filling in the station. Bring your own jug, bottle or whatever and fill it up with red, white, or rosé. After that print out a receipt then pay as low as $2 per liter. Continue reading “Wine Vending Machine”

World’s Largest Pizza

World's Largest Pizza

Johannesburg, South Africa – A supermarket has baked the world’s largest pizza measuring 121-feet in diameter. The pizza includes 9900-pounds of flour, 19800-pounds of tomato puree, 3690-pounds of cheese, and 19800-pounds of chopped onions.

In preparation for the Soccer World Cup – a pizza that would feed an entire stadium of fans.

Video after the jump. Continue reading “World’s Largest Pizza”