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LED Bike Wheel Video Display System

LED Bike Wheel Video Display System

MonkeyLectric have developed a new bike wheel display system for cyclists to show stabilized images and videos on spinning wheels. The system is using the 256 ultra-bright LED’s to display full color moving images. The thing works when bike speeds between 12 to 40 km/h and it is suitable for all weather conditions. The system comes with a starting price of around $2000 per video system and $60 for basic lights system. Video after the jump.
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20 Stunning National Geographic Photographs

20 Stunning National Geographic Photographs

Collection of outstanding nature and animals photographs from National Geographic. All photographs copyright is respectively belongs to the photographers. More images Continue reading “20 Stunning National Geographic Photographs”

Toyota Alphard 2009

This is the brand new Toyota Alphard 2009, one of the luxurious minivan from Toyota. With Engine capacity Available in 2400 and 3500cc. Available in 2WD and 4WD with Steering position Right Hand Drive. New alphard 2009 also available Transmission type Automatic gear. With Passenger capacity Available in 7 and 8 passengers . Priced 2400cc 2WD for US$ 38,400, 2400cc 4WD for US$ 40,400, 3500cc 2WD for US$ 42,300, 3500cc 4WD for US$ 44,300. For more pictures Continue reading “Toyota Alphard 2009” – Free Image Of The Day! Free Stock Photos, This Images or Textures from is for anyone to use in just about any way they’d like. So Check back often for more – Free Image Of The Day!.

3d rendered image of blank papers or documents. You can fill the blank papers with some images or arts works. View sample here.

2491*1734 pixels

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